Julianne Aguilar

narrative designer & writer

The Book Of Whales

For Meow Wolf Denver: Convergence Station. From Meow Wolf: "Concepted and written by Julianne Aguilar, The Book of Whales spans 900 years of Eemian history leading up to the Convergence, and tells of a people struggling to survive and preserve their culture in the midst of a harrowing ice-age. The title refers to the whales that became trapped and frozen beneath the ice – majestic creatures that the Eemians depended upon for their meat and blubber. This darkly imaginative story tells a prescient and gripping climate change narrative about the inextinguishable power of hope."

Click here to read it.

a colorful book in a small cave a colorful book in a small cave a colorful book in a small cave a colorful book in a small cave a colorful book in a small cave

Omega Mart Employee Training Video

For Meow Wolf Las Vegas: Omega Mart. I wrote this script with Benji Geary, Emily Montoya, and James Longmire. None of us wrote the raps.

Cecelia Dram

For Meow Wolf Las Vegas: Omega Mart. I served as the main writer and narrative designer for Cecelia Dram, the main character of Omega Mart. In this role, I collaborated with fellow narrative designers and creative directors to plan her narrative arc, and produce in-exhibition narrative materials.

One of my favorite things that I produced for this character is the script for LED 2021: Solving The Desire Problem, a fictional TED Talk that Cecelia gives on the eve of the roll out of her revolutionary new product, the Leadership Ascension Track. I served as the sole writer on this project, and collaborated on the story with a colleague. This script was produced, and can now be seen in Omega Mart. Click here to read it, and click here to watch it.

a woman in business attire

Rose, Asunción, and Ximena

For Meow Wolf Las Vegas: Omega Mart. In addition to Cecelia Dram, I served as the main or supplemental writer for several other characters for Omega Mart, including Rose, Asunción, and Ximena, characters that live in the psychedelic desert town of Seven Monolith Village.

For Rose, an herb healer, I wrote an in-exhibition radio script for her show, Questions With Rose. Click here to read it.

For Ximena, a young hacker, I wrote, designed and coded Ximena's Journal. This in-exhbition website appears on computers in Seven Monolith Village. Click here to read it.

For Asunción, a young herb healer that lived several decades before the story begins, I wrote the first part of Rose's Herbalism Book, a multi-generation journal that explores herb healing in Seven Monolith Village. Click here to read it.

screenshot of a DOS-looking online journal inner two pages of book with handwritten text and drawings a small black book with a golden locust on the cover

All Meow Wolf Credits

I wrote a lot of stuff for Omega Mart and Convergence Station.

To see my full credits, click here.

a psychedelic village

For Hyperallergic

I am a freelance contributor to arts publication Hyperallergic, covering the American Southwest.

Unmasking The Power Of Lucha Libre

Ezhishin, the First-Ever Conference on Native North American Typography

A Santa Fe Indian Market Milestone for Dallin Maybee


In addition to doing narrative design, I also write essays. Read a selection below.

For Longreads: We've Always Hated Girls Online

For Take Shape Magazine: Return (and Return, and Return) to Vana'diel

For TheKitchn: The Golden, Greasy, Glorious Power of Tater Tots

For Catapult: Little Girl, Big Dinosaur Costume


Here are a few examples of some marketing writing I've done.

For Resonant Link | Role: Writer

For Airbel Impact Lab, International Rescue Committee | Role: Contributing Researcher

For ParcelQuest | Role: Writer

For Near Space Labs | Role: Writer

For The Discoverer Blog | Role: Writer

For Farris Funeral Service | Role: Writer

Visual Art

I am also a visual artist. I got my BFA in Photography from the University of North Texas, and my MFA in Experimental Arts and Technology from the University of New Mexico.

See it all here: juliannes.website


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